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Funny or Die

Funny or Die

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MatthewDaniells™ By Matthew_Daniells Updated Nov 08, 2013

The point of this is to make you smile. All I want is a smile on your face princess ^_^ and if it's a guy reading this well..... I just made it awkward (•_•)

I think if that video where the elders were so hung it and started taking off their clothes
                              (Don't worry, not all of it, no nasty stuff was seen...whew)
i did this once i ended up falling over a baby gate and hit my head on the wall
Lol yep! I watched Balto and said just before the credits "It would be SO cool if this was based off a true story"
                              Credits: Based off a true story
                              *dies of happiness*
My friend is a month older than me and she punches my cheeks, hugs me and calls me "a cute adorable fetus"
My sisters 2 yrs older than me and she try's to act like she's freaking god over me. I'm over here like b*tch your still a child
So true!! My parents recorded me dancing, flapping like a fish out of water and I never knew that I actually did that until they showed me the video