Good Boy to Bad Boy | xiuchen (REWRITING)

Good Boy to Bad Boy | xiuchen (REWRITING)

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『Ohohoho.』 By LostinSea Updated Nov 27

Kim Minseok was just a ordinary good boy. Good grades, nice attitude, friendly with everyone he meets, and maybe he might be the most innocent person in the entire world. He's in his first year of high school for goodness sakes! 

Kim Jongdae or how he wants everybody to call him, Chen, is just your typical bad boy. Has the worst grades, bullies other students, a playboy, and a jock. He rides a motorcycle to school, and skateboards on other people's property. 

One Monday morning, he sees a small kid in front of the school holding a ton of books, big thin, circular glasses, and trying to get his way in, and Chen here decides to 'help' him a bit.

zitaospanda zitaospanda Nov 29
I THOUFHT THAT SAID "i grabbed my toaster and header out" IM SHLGNEKFMD
O_o I honestly ship all the pairings, it just makes stories like these more fun.
minjerk minjerk Nov 27
im your mom and suhos your dad. you have psrents little boi.
                              also theres lay.
zitaospanda zitaospanda Nov 29
why would i be reading this if i didnt like xiuchen wtFf
                              yes xiuhans a side ship bUT AY XIUCHENS THE MAIN
laylings laylings Nov 25
i dont ship it anymore bc luhan left, not being rude, but how are there going to be moments, and xiuchen is 👀
Not a XiuHan fan either sadly, Xiuchen and HunHan are more cuter 😒😊👍🏻