Come Rescue Me, My Love-- Chp 2

Come Rescue Me, My Love-- Chp 2

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Leann Smith By leanntwin10 Updated Sep 27, 2010

Petunia’s POV
I stifle my gasp as I listen to what Caspar had just told. Was it true? Brother-Prince Pheyron, the man I’d been in love with since I laid eyes on him, is supposed to be the Prince of Realm of Kingdom Anthingers?! I just couldn’t believe. All along Brother-Prince Pheyron has always wanted to be King of his country. Well, for any Kingdom for that matter. I must tell him right away!
  I practically run through the rows of bookcases, looking behind my back occasionally to be sure no one on following or saw me. I soon arrive at the guest room that is serving as my bedroom at the time. I walk straight to the small chestnut desk hidden in the corner and get paper and ink. I write out my letter quickly, too nervous to check for spelling errors. This information may win the heart of the Prince for me and then we can get married and have  kids and… and… ‘Oh stop fantasizing to yourself, Petunia!’  I say to myself. I reread the letter:

Dear Brother-Prince Pheyron,
  I have the most interesting information  I have for you that I just learned from Prince Caspar. Apparently, he is not the real son of King Anthony and Queen Leigh-Anne and that you are supposed to be Prince of Realm for the Kingdom Anthingers. Knowing that you have always dreamed of being King, I knew this information would be important to you. Please contact back to me as soon as you can. Hope all goes well.
                                                      With all my heart,

After finishing up, I clutch the letter tightly in my hand, searching through the halls for a maid or servant.  Finally finding one, I hand the note them and say, “Protect this note with your life until it reaches Brother-Prince Pheyron. He live in the castle of Kingdom Farron. Not you, nor no one else shall read this but him. Okay?” I say softly but demanding to the servant.
“Yes, ma’am.”
“If you must you can g

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