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Synonymous Antonyms [Dave x Reader]

Synonymous Antonyms [Dave x Reader]

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♤ By TwiceBakedPot8o Updated Oct 04, 2016

(Y/N) (L/N) is a senior at Prospit High in upstate New York. She has never been the shy girl, or the popular girl, or the smart girl. (Y/N) has always been that cool, don't-talk-down-to-me-or-I'll-kill-you person. Everyone sees her, but no one really knows her. Everyone knows her name and personality in class, but what about outside of class? The only person (Y/N) talks to (other than her super rad friends of course) is Dave Strider. And it's not even a positive 'talk'. It's quite negative. In fact, you could say that she and Dave are archenemies.

Nearly the middle of the school year, an unsuspected new guy shows up in (Y/N)'s life. He attends the same school as her and little does (Y/N) know, he ends up falling for the cool, smooth-as-fuck girl who can't keep herself from driving his heart a million beats when she smiles at him. However, what (Y/N) doesn't know is that the new guy may not have the best intentions- (Y/N) might need a hero to save her from trouble.

I love vriska. And terezi... And Karkat!!! I LOVE MY FRIENDS HERE
UndefinedSpirit UndefinedSpirit Oct 09, 2016
Wait you can do that? Cal? As a character? I applaud you, dear author. I seriously thought it was going to be Eridan.
Ambellinas_wings Ambellinas_wings Oct 19, 2016
She got the finest as
                              -pects of a personality, Jade's nice to her friends
FallenFromLife FallenFromLife Jun 10, 2016
I honesty was not expecting Cal but it's brilliant , keep it up
Megthatreads Megthatreads Jun 10, 2016
Whoa, that's a little harsh. (Probably) true, but harsh nonetheless
-Large--Baguette- -Large--Baguette- Oct 08, 2016
I luv Jadey °-° but I hate girls who are like this in real life