Band Geeks

Band Geeks

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Eren is just a dorky freshmen with a trumpet and a huge crush on Levi Ackerman, the hottie from guard. Unfortunately, band camp had a lot more in store for Eren than originally planned when Levi finally notices Eren, and hits himself with a rifle while doing so. Embarrassed and angry, he pranks the trumpet section which inevitably leads to a full out prank war for the summer.

Based off of a fanfic prompt I saw on Tumblr.

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, just the plot

Only Eren can do that, if you know what mean *wiggles eyebrows*
*tries not to cry because I have great respect for this author* *mentally prepares myself*
G0neF0rG00d G0neF0rG00d Jul 18
I have like three ships for each character so you shouldn't have a problem with me 😂
Oh no... If Eren or Levi is dating some else besides each other bad things happen
First of all how dare you, and second of all don't talk like that to you boyfriend
School flags and band are like... Rivals dude... Like Idk why but we're just are