My Vampire Slayer *Princeton Vamp Story* - Part 1

My Vampire Slayer *Princeton Vamp Story* - Part 1

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I wiped away the blood off of my mouth as I stood up from off the ground staring at the drained creature in front of me. 'I cant stand these creatures even though I am one...I'm not as bad as them' I thought as I covered up the evidence of the crime scene I just made. 'Doing what I do isn't as bad as what they do...' I convinced my self, I put my shades on and put my jacket on to hide the blood stains. I walked away with my head down, towards my home. 'Giving someone immortal life? How is that good?' I continued to think as I walked down the side walk into the darkness of the night. I made it home and turned to look at my neighbor's house and I saw 'Her'. Every time I get home she's always out here, is she purposely out here? She glanced at me and waved, I turned the lock in my door to my house and walked in ignoring her. I'm better off with having no one speak to me, my temper is very low don't want to hurt any humans if I don't have too.... I'm Jacob Perez and I'm a Vampire - Vampire Hunter.

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