Velvet Heat

Velvet Heat

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A collection of erotically based short stories. 

1. A Very Bad Girl 

2. A Dark and Steamy Night (2 Parts)

3. The Tale of Tats and Tresses (2 Parts)

4. Come to Charisma (2 Parts)

5. Apt Pupil (2 Parts)

6. The Coitus Chronicles (4 Parts -- Poetry)

**Meant for mature audiences due to strong language and strong sexual situations.

Christmas real Christmas she's like the grinch who stole Christmas
You stood her up and she got upset and got messed up then sleep with someone (probably not on purpose due to her state) but yeah. She could've just left then went home and got drunk instead of sleeping with somebody else and you could've showed up at least...
Hmmmm...A super smoking hot ex,stalker,crazy girlfriend......I love this story already!
.....that's so hot.  The fact that she's kinda creepy for sneaking in her house without her knowing makes it even better
*raise eyebrows amused,looking between the two sightly smiling*
I am totally going to use this when someone says any dumb shït go me