(Teen Titans) When I Love You.

(Teen Titans) When I Love You.

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Hope Gingerich By WarriorWithAGrudge Updated Oct 21, 2018

This is a FanFiction about Raven and Robin from Teen Titans. A Romance.
AU. (Alternate Unervirce) This Story does not take place with the Cartoon. They are still in the Tower. but the storyline from the Cartoon is not here.
Might add my OC. idk yet.
The flaver of this story is LEMON.
So its rated M for Mature as FUCK.

Raven: A girl with a past, that has haunted her for years. Her powers are becoming stronger. For better or for worse?

Robin: A boy with a past that is catcing up with him. What happens when BatMan is put in Prison? What will become of Gothom?

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