Titan ♡ Love (Levi x Titan!Reader)

Titan ♡ Love (Levi x Titan!Reader)

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Titan ♡ Love - Levi x Titan!Reader

You watched as a nearby titan devoured a helpless human, hearing the sounds of his agonized screams as he was swallowed whole. You didn't quite understand, but you never felt the desire to eat or kill humans.
Even though you were quite tall, averaging at about fifteen meters tall, you didn't want much attention. You understood that some humans were rebellious to titans and could kill them easily. Some could even shift into titans themselves.
As you turned to face the opposite direction, something stopped you. You suddenly spotted a black dot zoom past your view and land onto one of the buildings. You looked down to notice who it was.
It was a young human boy. He had blonde hair styled into a bob. While staring directly at you, a quiver escaped his mouth. You could see the fear in his eyes whilst clutching his shoulder. He had a deep gash in his left shoulder blade.
You were surprised that the boy could survive for so long in such a state.
While drifting in thoughts, you realized that one of the other titans had taken notice of the boy. He was kneeling on top of the roof, fear paralyzing his body. As the nearby titan approached, you quickly took action, pushing the titan aside and gently placing the boy in your hands.

Slowly lifting him up towards your face, you looked at him with curiosity, awed as you looked at the tiny figure. As you pulled him closer, the boy started to shake violently, screaming. Feeling guilty, you decided to comfort the boy.

Placing a finger on his head, you gently rubbed his hair, making sure not to harm him in any way. His eyes widened in shock and you subtly stopped.
You opened your mouth and gently said a word.
"Hello, friend."


Thank you for 60k+ reads! I have updated the cover! If we reach 100k+ I will go in and edit the whole book, tweak the story here and there, and do an extra chapter! Thank you so much everyone!

Bubblegum_Berry_Pop Bubblegum_Berry_Pop Aug 16, 2016
Maybe the author should've told us how we ran into 'the blonde boy'.
trashcan76 trashcan76 Sep 02, 2016
Oh shitt I thought it was Erwin,oh god thank you so fuking much!
BraidedAlarm BraidedAlarm Jun 15, 2016
Armin?!?!!? Oh gosh YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jasmine0Hatsuka Jasmine0Hatsuka Jul 15, 2016
Yesh!! Armin is my third favourite character!! And yes it took five hours to put them all around you! Hmph! So you better be careful!!! (Not really idk how long it took)
Clemy-Clue Clemy-Clue Mar 26, 2016
You deserve a comment!  * hands peice  of paper with the word comment on it*
MysticMessenger_707 MysticMessenger_707 Sep 24, 2016
If I was in Armins position I would have starved because I don't eat fish😂
                              I almost though is was gonna be Erwin than god😂