His Young Mate ✔ [COMPLETED]

His Young Mate ✔ [COMPLETED]

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Teha By wiltedrose213 Completed

Alpha Jake, 28 un-mated and still hasn't found her.   Went on a trip for 9 years, when he was 19 then  gets a call from his beta to return since a few rogues were spotted and a few members of the pack killed.  His Beta excited for his Alpha to meet his daughter Angelica,  for the first time in 9 years. 

9 year old Angelica is the definition of trouble,  but when Alpha Jake returns she behaves when he's in the room.  Why she does not know.  Alpha Jake meeting Angelica for the first first time realizes that this 9 year old little girl is more than just his Beta's daughter but the Alphas mate

How can Jake understand this
Why did the moon goddess pair him with a girl 10 years younger than him?
What is so special about this little girl
Who knows
But to find out
Read the book :)

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OK never mind I get it now I'm just lacking some sleep and that cause my brain to process the information 😂 I really need to get some sleep haha
just-keep-dreaming just-keep-dreaming Aug 23, 2017
If she's that smart for her age she should know how to correctly pronounce whether.
SadisticlyInsane SadisticlyInsane Mar 15, 2017
But that would make him young when he became alpha and went to the council thingy
ShaeJinn ShaeJinn Mar 20
Noooooo.... That doesn't clear things up very well... How old EXACTLY is he when he meets the kid, and if he's 38 when he meets her, and she's 9, how is he only 10 years older? That makes NO sense..
hczirr hczirr Jun 11
Oh man she's already possessive and she's 9 😂😂😂😂😂😂
ThatOneLittleBunny ThatOneLittleBunny Oct 01, 2016
Damn she is the most possessive little 9 year old in the world