Beowulf (BoyxBoy, Werewolf) COMPLETED

Beowulf (BoyxBoy, Werewolf) COMPLETED

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**New Cover**

Beowulf is a 17 year old who just wants to be a Boxer. He doesn't do relationships anymore, and he is homophobic. So what happens when the boy he meets in the bread and peanut butter aisle at Walmart makes him start to question his sexuality? 

Ridge is almost 18 and still mateless. When he meets his mate in Walmart he is ecstatic. Only problem? His mate doesn't go to his school and he is homophobic.

Can Ridge keep Beowulf safe from a jealous cousin as well as get him to accept him as his mate? Will Ridge be able to save Beowulf's best friend when he gets kidnapped? 

Will Beowulf be able to overcome his phobia as well as get Braider off his back? 

--This is part of a series--
**The NAME Series**
Book 1: Beowulf (BoyXBoy)
Book 2: Sebastian (BoyXBoy)
Book 3: Milo (ManXBoy)
Book 4: Abram (ManXMan) (In Progress)
Book 5: Jonah (ManXMan) (Coming Soon!)

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