you've fallen for me -pjm + myg

you've fallen for me -pjm + myg

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in which yoongi is hiding something thats more terrible than what jimin had imagined

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My name is no
                              My sign is no
                              My number is no
                              Don't call him V
gem-ugh gem-ugh Jun 14
as soon as I saw the summary and title I was like, "heartstrings?"
If I was tae, I would've put the word "fuxck/ing" in there at least twice @KpopperFanfiction
roadless roadless Mar 20
i really hate when someone says something like this, why they don't understand that I don't wanna go out? and I don't need it either :v
And now I'm expecting namjoon to pop out of a vent or something
gem-ugh gem-ugh Jun 14
is this inspired by the kdrama heartstrings?? bc omg I loved that kdrama