Into the world of Black Butler! (Ciel X OC)

Into the world of Black Butler! (Ciel X OC)

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Laura was a normal girl who just so happen got trap in the famous Anime 'Black Butler!' along with her two best friends. What happens when she mets the cast and catches a certain Earls eye.

{ BONUS!!!}
 Anime cross over ending, tho there's a ending 4 the ppl that haven't seen the other Anime I chose.But its only a few chapters of the Anime cross over, Then its back to Black Butler!

This was my first book on Wattpad and let me tell you when I look back on this I know I could have probably done so much better if I had put more time and thought on this book like I do with my new books... So dont expect that much from this book. Read at ur own risk lol. 

I suggest you read my other Black Butler book. Where I put my blood sweat & tears in writing it. So please check that book if you would like and you're free to read this awful book, just don't judge me on how bad it is. Have a nice day~

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People say i don't look my age. Everyone thinks I'm either 12-13 or 17-18 wtf
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My youth,
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Unas de mis mejores amigas tambien se llama sophia, aunque le decimos sopa por la h en el nombre ya que no es muy comun, normalmete es este sofia, el que se usa en mi pais jajaja
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Short long black hair blue tips not curly, blue eyes pale is me
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Tall looks older, long brown curly hair, left side shaved, brown eyes, tan
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                              MY YOUTH IS YOURS
                              TRIPPIN ON SKIES
                              SIPPING WATER FALLS♬