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Perfect On Paper (a BillDip Fanfiction)

Perfect On Paper (a BillDip Fanfiction)

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everything sucks forever By ShiningInsanity Completed

Dipper Pines is a bright-eyed young author with a lot to offer the world. The only problem is... He's got absolutely zero inspiration and his college debts aren't exactly paying themselves off. He needs a character, a muse he can work with. And it just so happens that he finds this muse in the shape of a - you guessed it - triangle! But Bill isn't quick to let him use his likeness quite so easily. Not before getting something out of it. So of course they make a deal, one to benefit the both of them, and Dipper finds himself living with the main character of his very first best seller, which is absolutely wonderful in theory. But Bill is by no means the protagonist Dipper makes him out to be on paper.

@Rari0516 Just in case you couldn't find it--You'll love this. 11/10 story  if I do say so myself.
SamerellaQuartings SamerellaQuartings Oct 11, 2016
                              Why didn't he do that ten years ago, that would've been a funny episode XDDD
oh_my_satan101 oh_my_satan101 Nov 14, 2016
Whatever floats your goat. Get it,goat? from gravity falls?
                              I'll leave now
Panda_Gal_4572 Panda_Gal_4572 Dec 08, 2016
I reread this story a lot.
                              More than I should. I just really love this story. <3
xXxCraig_TuckerxXx xXxCraig_TuckerxXx Nov 02, 2016
It was one time, Dad!
                              ...... I mean....
xXxCraig_TuckerxXx xXxCraig_TuckerxXx Nov 02, 2016
*looks for 'social life' in dictionary* *couldn't find it* What's a 'social life'?