Blood Dealings and Betrayal

Blood Dealings and Betrayal

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Darkstaroreo By Darkstaroreo Completed

This is the second book to Caught Between Two Mafia Men. This will be about the Rocky road back to love from betrayal.

Desiree broken and tired of Vladimir's life makes a very emotional decision for her children's well being that will affect everyone in a negative way. Betraying the man she loves for her children may cost her  everything including their lives. 

Vladimir in his anguish of Desiree's betrayal will also make a heartbreaking decision that will forever change their dynamic as a family. A child that will forever play a role in their life. 

Can these two despite their obvious betrayals of one another come back together and make amends and learn to love again. When the already damaged family must now face a new Italian Mafia leader in town who wants revenge and their children.

  • betrayal
  • mafia
  • mob
  • murder
  • torture
Wth? You have his son with you, of course he's gonna look for you.
I'm so annoyed at myself. I read the first book so long ago. Reread it today and only JUST realised this book existed 😒😩😭😂
trophygirly trophygirly Aug 25, 2016
I don't agree with her just up and leaving though. Especially taking their son.
trophygirly trophygirly Aug 25, 2016
I would have done the same. Your children are always first. My daughter is my number one, and nothing will ever change that!
royal888 royal888 Sep 29, 2015
I cant believe she decided to hide from Vlad. He is going to go bananas
shans1970 shans1970 Sep 23, 2015
Wow I can't believe Vladimir moved on so fast!!!! But she should too!!