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Sirius Black's Daughter

Sirius Black's Daughter

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Kimberley "Kim" Jones By SPN-HP-PJO-Lover Updated Feb 01

This is a book about what I think will happen if Sirius had a daughter and she went to Durmstrang.

Hi, my name is Annalyse Black, but I prefer to be called Anna anyway I live with my God-Mother Nymphadora Tonks but she likes to be called Tonks. My dad as you have probably guessed is Sirius Black but I don't think that he was guilty of anything.
Anyway I attend Durmstrang school of wizardry and I'm the ONLY girl there.
This is the story of how I got kicked out of Durmstrang and went to Hogwarts.

What will happen when she goes to Hogwarts, meets the Golden trio, ginny and other characters from the Harry Potter series.
This starts of in her third year (during Prisoner of Azcaban).

Disclaimer: I do NOT own anything in the Harry Potter, Percy Jackson or the Step Up universes I only own Annalyse, Kris, Alex and Nathan.

Mad_Mittens_394 Mad_Mittens_394 Jul 13, 2016
When I read the word Moony all I could think of was that he's basically her Moomy
Shanana0218 Shanana0218 Aug 31, 2016
Holy frickity frack! 5'7 at 13!! Well, I'm 5'3-4ish at twelve. *shrugs*
SPN-HP-PJO-Lover SPN-HP-PJO-Lover Oct 28, 2016
Not many people call her Ori but I will put that on the list
frankly_a_prankster frankly_a_prankster Jun 16, 2016
Sirius probably felt awesome that his girlfriend/wife had a baby the same his best mate's wife had one.
whothrewawayhershot whothrewawayhershot Sep 16, 2016
Animaji are actually not powers since you have to be a good enough wizard to make the potions and or spell's
gillian703 gillian703 Mar 02
She scared of moose she wouldn't survive Canada or supernatural because SAM