After You...

After You...

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Frann @BluSonya By BluSonya Updated Jan 27, 2015

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SPECIAL MENTION: To Sara Koch, on behalf of Naked Art Photography, who sent me the original photo and a web release for it to be used in digital format ONLY and allowed me permission to use her beautiful photography as the cover art for this story on this site. Not that the characters look like this but I love the pic, period. THANK YOU, SARA! You are GOLD!! :)

*DISCLAIMER FIRST!*  Hello everyone :)

Okaaay, I found my old flashdrive a while back full of stories started but not finished. This was one of them but I've not felt confident enough to post another story on here so I've been stalling, but i'm gonna do it now because,'s too short to be scared what people think of my other writings. I'm doing it now because I suddenly have the balls and I might not have them later if i wait a moment longer so, here's one of them. This story has been on my flash drive for ages. There's nothing paranormal about this one, it's just a straight-up non-teen ...

neonblues_ neonblues_ May 10, 2016
It doesn't matter whether or not she is! You shouldn't fúcking care.
MyChocolateAddiction MyChocolateAddiction Nov 30, 2015
Wanting her back and wanting her vagina back are two different things!
Ella_krisch Ella_krisch Oct 30, 2015
*sigh* we must have all been through this then ... it hurts and i give extra love to those who know this feeling ♡♡♡ love you all and you deserve better
blqck_cqt blqck_cqt Sep 28, 2015
hes cute :) but he if his intentions are to hurt her ill do something to.his face that wont make him luk that cute...
NikkiEscolta NikkiEscolta Aug 13, 2015
It's a total BS really. Having sex without feelings involved? Nah.
sweetcap sweetcap Mar 02, 2015
I dont know girl. Could you? Hear yourself and realize how ridiculous and pathetic it sounds if you get back with him.