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Kid problems (book 1)

Kid problems (book 1)

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me_sss By me_sss Completed

It was a normal day for sonic, till he got hit with a laser gun and turned into....a....toddler? Now tails need to make a machine to change him back, but who will take care of sonic, well the only other hedgehog able to keep up with him....yes shadow. Come read the adventure of sonic and shadow and there brotherly bond. Will sonic survive?

Its a beautiful day outside, Birds are singing, Flowers are blooming. .on days like this, kids like you. .should be burning in H E L L -megolavania plays-
KatalinaCipher1 KatalinaCipher1 Mar 01, 2016
Me: ~the birds were singing! The was sky blue! And sonic was kicking eggman's butt!~ *stops singing* wait.. Sonic kicking eggman's butt? I wanna see! *runs off*
Cookie__Crumb Cookie__Crumb Nov 05, 2016
It's a beautiful day outside
                              Birds are singing flowers are blooming
                              On days like this kids like you
                              Should be burning in hell!
                              Undertale reference!!!!
                              I see what you did there Auther ~Chan
WhyAmIAliveKillMe WhyAmIAliveKillMe Jun 23, 2016
No it goes birds are sing flowers are blooming on days like this kids like you should be burning in hell
Alice_Joy_Primes Alice_Joy_Primes Nov 21, 2016
Really, Eggman? But it didn't surprise me: your plans seems more rushed and far fetched each time.
Alice_Joy_Primes Alice_Joy_Primes Nov 20, 2016
Can't help but think of Undertale with that first part.
                              Also, I thought the "pineaple" was Silver.
                              Lol, Shadow.