Kissed (Dan Howell)

Kissed (Dan Howell)

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I wrote this a while ago now and I really don't like any of it. Expect poor writing and character development. Sorry in advance.
"Dan, can you stop that, it's really weird," I protested, trying to shuffle away but instead I felt myself being sucked into his magnetic gaze. Suddenly, I was centimetres away from eyes. What was going on? What was Dan doing? It was beginning to feel a bit spooky now. I desperately wanted to get away but I was being pulled into a black hole and there was no escape. Why was he being like this? What did he want? Why did I-

Next thing I knew, Dan's lips had melted against mine and he was kissing me. 

Shocked, I stayed motionless, eyes wide open and my hands glued to my sides for a second. I had no idea what was happening. Before I even realised what I was doing, I was kissing him back, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation of his lips against mine...

**Sort of based on Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen**

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I felt exactly like this when I went for the first time to my hostfamily, everying was very nice but I cried anyway