The Alpha Female (Book One of The Alpha series)

The Alpha Female (Book One of The Alpha series)

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Natasha By TashaW Completed

Teen Werewolf Luna knows that she is going to be Alpha female when she first changes, which hasn't happened yet and she also has to find her mate. 

She's dealing with her inability to change and she goes to another pack for help. Max, also an Alpha begins challenging her ability to be a female alpha while not being able to change into a wolf. 

Both have strong personalities and what happens when two alpha's clash? It can only mean that one has to lose, or fall in love first.

*Warning, there will be swearing throughout*

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TyneeErman TyneeErman Nov 03, 2017
I just realize her name is Luna 😂 i thought she was the Luna/Alpha of the pack lol
darkbeautie darkbeautie Mar 16, 2016
Why do they call their daughter Luna ? Like being a parent shld exclude you from having do to certain stuff...
yukiamay yukiamay May 06, 2016
You know...if she was a good alpha she would want to do the best thing for her pack and not herself
FaithLeitupo FaithLeitupo Jan 03, 2017
Am I the only one who thinks its so ironic how her name is Luna, but she's an Alpha??? Ahaha #mindblown👑
- - Nov 06, 2015
That is rude man the author was doing there best to write this book
BitingWolf BitingWolf Sep 11, 2015
Is Luna her name or..? Kinda like naming your child 'Alpha' or 'King/Queen' xD