The New Student (Shu X Seme Male Reader X Subaru)

The New Student (Shu X Seme Male Reader X Subaru)

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Pika Batgirl By veronicatruter Updated Oct 28, 2015

This story is about a man named (M/n) Valentine. But he isn't any ordinary man, no.. He is half Werewolf and half Vampire. His father was known as the most powerful Werewolf who has ever lived. And his mother was known as a first blood vampire.

(M/n) moves back to Japan and just happens to be the person who had moved into the mansion not too far from the Sakamaki residence. (M/n) had known Yui Komoi when she was a little girl and had protected her before moving back to London. But now with his return, what will happen when he catches the eyes of the eldest and youngest brothers of the Sakamaki household?

Read and find out... 

I do not own any characters of Diabolik Lovers, only the story.

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Theo_The_Brat Theo_The_Brat Dec 04, 2017
Can I change my surname to Valentine? I like it much more with my name than my name with my real surname
Erza_Tan Erza_Tan Apr 05, 2017
I know this song!!! I forgot the movie name but it was a person's name.
Theo_The_Brat Theo_The_Brat Dec 04, 2017
I will never learn
                              It's funny how all of your comments are about Sweeny Todd and then I'm just like "I will never learn" XD
sandstorm12 sandstorm12 Mar 12, 2016
Valentine... Hmm.. Reminds me of the Valentine brothers from Hellsing xP
SvtBtsGot7Exo_ SvtBtsGot7Exo_ Sep 23, 2016
"Oh hello someone that broke into my house, it's fine! You can stay even though you could be a serial killer!"
2pAnime-Girl 2pAnime-Girl Jan 14, 2017
Dafaq?  My name is Veronika and my male name is Viktor how do you know?