Suga Smut/Why?- BTS-Suga Fanfic

Suga Smut/Why?- BTS-Suga Fanfic

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jamjoon By jamjoon Updated May 28, 2016

Mina had been friends with BTS for almost 6 years. She was amazed by how far they had come througout the years and how much they had grown.

She wasn't able to see them much as they were always training or busy with their music. They did text every now and then but never for long.

Luckily this month they we're all avaliable to see. They didn't want to go far because people would constantly be stopping them, and she just wanted to chill. 

Mina especially wanted to be with Suga. Ever since her and Suga met, she felt a connection. She wanted to be with him. But she knew he'd never feel the same way. She dreamt about him every night and always watched his fancams. She adored the rest of the group, but Suga was her one and only. 

They all decided to stay in Mina's flat to watch a movie and stay over. She was so excited, maybe Suga could sleep with her if there wasn't enough room.

Mina had finished setting out food and bean bags when she heard a knock at her door. They were here. She mad...

This is like those games where you're a celebrity or something and they just make out and you need to make sure no one sees
Melllanieee Melllanieee Jun 10
I can't stop imagening how akward this is because the other members are just like centimetres away from them
                              THATS IT??
                              NO LOVE?
                              BOI U BETTER CATCH THESE HANDS
'No pls I wish to pay attention to the Wizarding Battle on the screen!' ⬅This is something I'd most definitely say
Baby there is nothing holdin' me back~!! 
                              Thx the song is now my head...
finally a girl thats dominant in a smut smh its always the guy. u go gorl