The Unexpected Love || SEVENTEEN WONWOO FANFIC ||

The Unexpected Love || SEVENTEEN WONWOO FANFIC ||

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Buzzy By WonderWoo Updated Oct 01

Jeon Wonwoo. Just that name gives her shivers. 

Cha In Ha and Jeon Wonwoo. They are totally different. 

She is loved by the teachers but they are scared of him. 

She does all her homework but he does not give any care about school. 

She hates violence but he fights with people who have a problem with his existence or if they pissed him off. 

She gives off the happy vibe but he is as cold as an ice. 

She is a nerd, kind of and he is a bad boy. 

Let's see what will happened if these two people get closer to one another, and even maybe there will be something between them. And what if there is another person who gets in between them. 


This is a WonWoo's fanfic alright! Hehe a mini story for our fans that love WonWoo.
Other members of SEVENTEEN will appear somewhere in the book. Keep a lookout!

goshareit goshareit Jun 19
Omg this is my style, i really like all the character here😍😍 jeon wonwoo😙😙
AnsbkGc AnsbkGc Mar 27
I imagine Seungkwan saying every line of his full of sass and I can't but laugh oh my haha👌
exosparks exosparks Mar 20
Okay...why do I want this girl to end up with Seungkwan instead?
                              Okay I'm crazy I'm losing my mind...
                              I LOST MY MIND~
AnsbkGc AnsbkGc Mar 27
Sexy freaking Wonwoo smirk to kill us all*cries in a corner*
If u love 2 people at the same time, choose the second one. Cause u wont love the second one if u really loved the first one. Lmao do u even understand what im sayin
Malberrylover Malberrylover Dec 09, 2015
Ohhhhhh poor In Ha...she lost her chance.. ahhaha now surely she is disappointed that she told seungkwan to do it...