A Different Twilight? [Boy+Boy]

A Different Twilight? [Boy+Boy]

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You shall call me Squishy. I will be your Squishy. By Jaberwakie Updated Aug 20, 2011

Kaden is a relatively good kid. Everything's nice and balanced in his life, and that's pretty much what he holds onto after his closest friend died. Though when his mother tells him, after a few months of no Dad home, that she was getting a divorce with his father, he get's angry. He's never acted like that to either of his parents, nor friends. He leaves her to live with his father, feeling even more incomplete. 

As he stands in the doorway of his new house with his father, he feels inbalanced yet again. as if too much of him is leaving too fast for him to handle. But he stands strong, needing to be strong for his father who still has caring feelings towards his mother. But as he finds himself early to his first day of school, standing in front of the school entrance, he wonders just how he'll survive in a place the complete opposite of what he grew up to know.

With his recent actions, he wonders who he is, feeling as if he's simply lost the will to hold up a weight that was not his in the first place. But once he starts feeling a little more comfortable in his new skin, he notices a group of teens who seem almost...out of the ordinary, and it tingles Kaden's interest. But the one who stands out the most, Bane Fuller.  Seems like it wasn't hard to get information about the Fuller's. They're the talk of the school every time they'd pass by in the hall. Kaden gather's info on the Fuller's, and finds out that they were all adopted and yet TOGETHER. The only single one in the Fuller group being Bane.

A suspicious person? Definitely. A potential friend? Nope. A new love interest? Maybe...

PaigeJayCarol PaigeJayCarol Jun 27, 2012
Your really good at writing. i'm enjoying your writing a lot!
Nightforestry Nightforestry Aug 21, 2011
I love it. :) it's really good. The beginning was kind if sad, what with the divorce and his friend being dead, but very good.