Russo (Stiles Stilinski)

Russo (Stiles Stilinski)

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(m) By maxrussos Updated Jun 20, 2017

A lazy, trouble-making wizard meets a spastic, sarcastic human.


[Teen Wolf x Wizards of Waverly Place AU]
Stiles Stilinski x Alex Russo

[Season 2]

© 2015 Mary

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BrianaJaime BrianaJaime Jan 01
Me every time mom asks when was the last time I cleaned my room
potato_queen1219 potato_queen1219 Jul 26, 2017
Let's be honest here 
                              Harper was and will forever be the fashion icon
sippingskies sippingskies Dec 30, 2017
Sounds so much like Harvey Kinkle. Which is ironic because they are both friends with magical beings. Btw Harvey is in Sabrina the teenage witch if you didn't already know.
Firestar2001 Firestar2001 Dec 23, 2017
When your mother says you full name, you know you screwed up something
-actuallykai -actuallykai Sep 02, 2017
i dont know what makes me more frustrated the chair dress or watching a magazine
-edskaspbrak -edskaspbrak Dec 21, 2017
everyone who's ever seen the show can tell harper was always the favourite kid