Living With Him ( Unexpected Match #2 )  UNDER EDITING

Living With Him ( Unexpected Match #2 ) UNDER EDITING

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Gabrielle (Bree) By SilverMoonShadow Completed

UNDER EDITING  When Anna meets her new roommate, she is anything but impressed. Is she meant to be happy when their is never any food, when she is kept awake by the...sounds coming from his room and when she meets slutty girls walking around her apartment? But there's something keeping her from just moving, other than the fact the apartment is otherwise amazing!  When when her new roommate brings out another side in her, one that even she did't know about, it becomes harder to focus on her grades and what she knows is right. But, there's no such thing as love at first sight. Is there?

  • ashlay
  • awkward
  • break-up
  • date
  • quadruple
sassy2themax sassy2themax Jul 26, 2017
This whole thing reminds me of the scene in Parent Trap where the girls are getting off the bus to camp
STELLZA1999 STELLZA1999 Dec 16, 2016
This is actually my new favorite book. You are a truly amazing writer.
obsessedforever obsessedforever Oct 13, 2013
Ooh I like this story gosh these girls have emotion. Cocky much? Wow not a good start with them. What did the girl do???! Take one look at him and decide he was a--************ who ***** s- (technical difficulties)
SilverMoonShadow SilverMoonShadow Apr 08, 2013
@Owlfairies Ur welcome, no and thank you @BlueBloodBeast not exactly, an apartment, it's just roommates beceuse...well
Owlfairies Owlfairies Apr 08, 2013
Thanks for the dedication!! This is an awesome start! :) NO random facts anymore! :( This is sooooooo good! :D
SilverMoonShadow SilverMoonShadow Apr 07, 2013
@icysiren thank you, and she doesn't know that Blake is Claire's brother, bear that in mind. She knows Claire's brother sorted out a place for her to stay but not that it's him! That's important