In Love With A Biker

In Love With A Biker

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An MC Romance

I'm Hunt and I'm about to become president of the Hell's Devil's MC. In the small town of Hudson, Canada, almost everyone knows my name. I'm the one your father warns you about. I'm the asshole your friends tell you stay away from. And I'm also the one you break your rules for. 
My days consist of being loyal to my club and my family and getting my little buddy in my pants wet as often as possible. I don't care to settle down and I couldn't give a flying f*ck what girls think of me. I am who I am and I won't change. 
And then it happens. You hear this shit in books and see it in movies. Where the bad boy locks eyes with someone that captures his heart as well as his eyes. I didn't think it would ever happen to me so when it does, to say I'm taken aback is the least. 
Rena Santos is every man's wet dream and now that I've set my eyes on her, I have to have her. And I always get what I want. No matter how much she fights me, I will make her mine and I promise you that our last dying words will be each others name. 

A.N: I warn you that this story contains a very dirty and foul talking biker. Read with caution.

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FiftyShadesOfBucky FiftyShadesOfBucky May 06, 2017
Im getting some strong Son's of Anarchy vibes from this.
                              I'm excited
fvckinlovebeyonce fvckinlovebeyonce Oct 12, 2017
Dang, I usually dislike girl leads as strippers. But I’ll continue on. No offense. ❤️
This book made me want to watch sons of anarchy and I binge watched all the seasons over the summer in less than a month
werewolflover42 werewolflover42 Oct 22, 2017
Well then we’re is this town if there’s hot guys and a and a open bar watch out
diamondhunni diamondhunni Jun 01, 2016
Recently went from mafia books then I read one biker book and now I love it 💜
You may be an equastrian when you see trail riding and think horses....