Fréth[A Magi Fanfic] •major editing•

Fréth[A Magi Fanfic] •major editing•

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Shirayuki Megumi By rotten_mango Updated Jun 07, 2017

"We are the guardians of hope and wonder, the keepers of dreams and magic."

Magic is everywhere if you just know where to look.The problem is, if there was White Magic, there were Black ones too.




"Please lend me your that I won't lose another precious person...the power to protect them...I wish you'd offer it to me..."

I was put into this world born as a slave, as I was in the other.

Born with the same strength, and the same chains that come with it.


★Magi and its Characters are NOT Mine
★This is my first Fanfic so please go easy on me
★All photos are not mine/The cover was edited by me

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Armi_Hanahaki Armi_Hanahaki Jun 09, 2017
                              But Persia sure catches on quickly- XD
Armi_Hanahaki Armi_Hanahaki Jun 09, 2017
                              ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SAY IT TO HIS FACE!
FlyingDaLight FlyingDaLight Jan 28, 2017
I can already tell that this is going to be one if my favorite stories! Great writing, I love it!
OrangeSacrifice OrangeSacrifice Jul 07, 2016
AAMMG ITSS FABBULIUUSS lmao. You've got a great writing style :D Your words are always new and I definitely feel the emotions and see this playing out! Seriously, job well done~ ;')
kewl_asian kewl_asian Nov 30, 2015
This story sounds interesting. Can't wait to give it a read :D
YukinaMizuki YukinaMizuki Oct 11, 2015
I'm searching for magi fanfic and finally found one XD,and its good.God I'm so happy
                              Your writing style is awesome by the way :D keep it up