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"And Draya, Dollicia Iesha... The rest of them?" Drake asked as his back was turned to her. Tae sat quiet again

"they were a 'at that moment' thing."  

Drake could tell she wanted to say more but he didn't force it. Tae spoke again.

"Some of them I dated before you got to them, some of them you dated before I got to them, some of them fucked with me while they fucked with you and vise versa."

Tae could feel Drake burning a hole in the side of her face. "You took this position KNOWING that we shared the same past... The same women, and you said nothing!? Why!? Are you trying to make them jealous!? Using me for a specific purpose?!..... You don't think this is information that I should of known La'Shauntae!?" 

Drake's voice grew dark it went deep as he demanded a answer. Tae finally looked at him with her eyebrows frowned together. "Are you assuming I took this fucking position to get back at you or something!? You think I sat up and said I'm going to plan to be his personal assistant! Yea that'll teach him!"  

Tae began to stand up, her voice grew heavy and became angry. "EXCUSE THE FUCK OUTTA ME, for not telling you that we just so happened to fuck some of the same women years ago! EXCUSE THE FUCK OUTTA ME for not bringing up these past bitches over a candle lit dinner Aubrey!"

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TaTaFahNow TaTaFahNow Oct 15, 2015
A line of black SUV's. You know they gonna do some damage!!!!
TaTaFahNow TaTaFahNow Oct 15, 2015
Drake and Tae paired up! Oh this is gonna be a good one! Thanks @jayebird1979♥♥♥
glittersnsparkles79 glittersnsparkles79 Oct 10, 2015
Tae already knows what's about to go down with Drake and his crew coming in the store! Must be nice!
glittersnsparkles79 glittersnsparkles79 Oct 10, 2015
Interesting! I'm anxious in seeing how this "assistant" thing is going to work out.