Ace x Reader One shots

Ace x Reader One shots

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Cringey Author By Miss_Otaku_Princess Updated Feb 15

Okay so I've been scrolling through Wattpad lately, and I've noticed that there isn't a lot of love for our favorite narcoleptic shirtless orange cowboy hat fire pirate. So I, being generous decided to write Ace x Reader Oneshots!

If you want you can even request what type of Oneshot you want. Like.....The setting & stuff like that. Just message me & I'll try to come up with something.
Though most of the One shots will probs be written by me so...yeah

But either way! We all know that y'all wanna get yo ins with him ;)


Sleep well
Eat food
If you have sneezed while reading this, bless you

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Believe or not I have an even worse sense of direction than Zoro
Math... it's not like we're gonna go into a supermarket and be like "Oh so the cost is 5 dollars and it's 6 percent of and if you round it and find the cost of the total subtract the percent of you get ____"
Is anyone else from a small town surrounded with paligamists and mormans and your the only one who's level over 9,000 otaku????
                              No just me
Well i have 5 cent if u want to.... u can't buy anything but....
fluttercup fluttercup Apr 10
Sorry, mum always prepare my lunch so i no need to buy lunch
soulesseyes135 soulesseyes135 Mar 28, 2016
Ok of anyone knows dragon ball z than jinx is a Mrs popo with blond hair and in a dress. Give it a few minutes to hit you with realization