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Her Omega{Book 1}

Her Omega{Book 1}

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Hey babe By hidden_addictions Updated 11 hours ago

WARNING: There is slight mature chapters in here. If you don't like please don't read.

A/N: If a chapter has a ✔ next to the number it has been edited and detailed.

"Mine." A voice said as my back tensed, my hands griped the wooden desk so tight it snapped as I turned to him. His Bright blue eyes looked into my brown ones, shaggy hair and lose fitted clothing made me growl as my wolf took over.

"MINE!" I growled as he tried to turn and walk away, my body moved as fast as I could in heels as I pined his 6 foot frame to the wall. his breath picked up as I buried my head in his neck my arms going around his waist as I felt his body shake in fear. "Mate.Mine. Mate is mine." I mumbled as I stared to kiss his neck making him shuddered.

"N-no, y-your a-a mon-monster! A-a co-cold he-heartl-less mon-monster!" his voice stuttered every single word, making my heart break.

"Well you mine either way." I growled as I nipped his skin. "Mine."
 "Let me tell you a story about a broken wolf..the power that radiated off of them when they walked made any grown Alpha bow in fear and respect, how they killed without any remorse but behind closed doors they break down and showed emotion most thought they had lost long ago....."

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I'm sorry does it bother anyone else that she doesn't say I love you back?....
That can screw up the kid. He thinks she's his mom and she hasn't said I love you to him. Poor baby he has so much ahead of him. She is extremely gentle when it comes to him though it's endearing.
DannaP24 DannaP24 Jun 10
How come nobody commented on this? This is so cute! There should be a spin off with Tristan in it.
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carolinehp carolinehp Jun 16
I think she can't say I love you because her father is the one that killed his mother.
_kaybear__ _kaybear__ Jun 15
She doesn't say "I love you"..... I feel like that's important