Her Omega

Her Omega

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"Mine." A voice said as my back tensed, my hands griped the wooden desk so tight it snapped as I turned to him. His Bright blue eyes looked into my brown ones, shaggy hair and lose fitted clothing made me growl as my wolf took over.

"MINE!" I growled as he tried to turn and walk away, my body moved as fast as I could in heels as I pined his 6 foot frame to the wall. his breath picked up as I buried my head in his neck my arms going around his waist as I felt his body shake in fear. "Mate.Mine. Mate is mine." I mumbled as I stared to kiss his neck making him shuddered.

"N-no, y-your a-a mon-monster! A-a co-cold he-heartl-less mon-monster!" his voice stuttered every single word, making my heart break.

"Well you mine either way." I growled as I nipped his skin. "Mine."
 "Let me tell you a story about a broken wolf..the power that radiated off of them when they walked made any grown Alpha bow in fear and respect, how they killed without any remorse but behind closed doors they break down and showed emotion most thought they had lost long ago....."

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twilightxoforever twilightxoforever Dec 27, 2016
😒Yeah I really don't get why they call her a monster when she only killed her mother and father. She seems like such a compassionate woman.
Wowww its a woman..with a baby!i love this story..wat a surprise
twilightxoforever twilightxoforever Dec 27, 2016
Where's the dad?! Did he die or something?? Cause, I'm hearing about a son...and that's a two way street, unless is was an anonymous donation...well then why would she do that!
SkyWinslow SkyWinslow Dec 29, 2016
There is method in my madness,
                              There's no logic in your sadness, 
                              You don't gain a single thing from misery,
                              Take it from me!
KatWritesReadings KatWritesReadings Dec 28, 2016
I wish I could to that. 'Hey. I don't want you right now. Sniff me out if you're in danger. Bye, bitch.'
twilightxoforever twilightxoforever Dec 27, 2016
Okay so if she's a monster then why does she seem so nice? I mean is that only for this supposed "Mark" guy and her son? Or is it for like just about anybody? Because she doesn't seem to be that ruthless to me.