Her Omega

Her Omega

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Hello Beautiful By hidden_addictions Updated Nov 26

"Mine." A voice said as my back tensed, my hands griped the wooden desk so tight it snapped as I turned to him. His Bright blue eyes looked into my brown ones, shaggy hair and lose fitted clothing made me growl as my wolf took over.

"MINE!" I growled as he tried to turn and walk away, my body moved as fast as I could in heels as I pined his 6 foot frame to the wall. his breath picked up as I buried my head in his neck my arms going around his waist as I felt his body shake in fear. "Mate.Mine. Mate is mine." I mumbled as I stared to kiss his neck making him shuddered.

"N-no, y-your a-a mon-monster! A-a co-cold he-heartl-less mon-monster!" his voice stuttered every single word, making my heart break.

"Well you mine either way." I growled as I nipped his skin. "Mine."

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Jay-Jay2323 Jay-Jay2323 Nov 22
im so confused... im guessing its a girl talking but the way the alpha talks like a male tho...
Marvel4life1 Marvel4life1 6 days ago
Baby boy you stay on my mind you fill my fantasies, I think about you all the time I see you in my dreams
allybaz4 allybaz4 Oct 24
Why do I find this so funny 😂😂😂😂"rootless" BOI r u a tree or something (I'm not trying to be rude or anything)
I think I'm going to love this book, really interested to see how this is going!
lily_netflix lily_netflix 7 days ago
Ohh gosh I was listening to "Machine Gun" it make the story way more dramtic
Apoy_Lobo Apoy_Lobo Nov 25
Im not sure if thats correct so....
                              Not trying to be rude, im sorry, just trying to help