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One Piece x Reader Oneshots [HIATUS]

One Piece x Reader Oneshots [HIATUS]

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Vizkopa By Vizkopa Updated Jul 31, 2016

A collection of oneshots from my DeviantART account.

(I DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS AND I DO NOT CONTINUE ONE SHOTS! Please do not harass me to update, I will update in my own time when I have the time.)

SilverDragon23 SilverDragon23 Dec 30, 2016
Me: I will touch the swords.
                              Zero: No touching the swords
                              Me: Touch the swords 
                              Zero: No touching the swords
                              Me: Okay, then I'll just which the swords
oraclerain oraclerain May 11, 2016
I just love Zoro so much, now i love him even more because this story fits him soooooooooo well. ;u; <33
KpopOtaku21 KpopOtaku21 May 09, 2016
I'm thinking of Jackson from Got7 like "cute" *poker face on*😑
MoorLadyAnne MoorLadyAnne Feb 02, 2016
Hey, Viz! It's Renjisloyalservant from Deviantart! Still as fabulous as ever, I see. ^_^
HelloFromTheAbyss HelloFromTheAbyss Jun 09, 2016
*pulls out sharpie* Never pass out when there's markers about.
creepypasta42 creepypasta42 Oct 04, 2015
Can you please make a fatherly brook X child reader and can it be about his song bunk's song please.