Sang of the Ocean(On Hold)

Sang of the Ocean(On Hold)

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Belinda Waine By BelindaPeters-Waine Updated Oct 05

Sang meets the boys in a whole new adventure. 

Sang had only one person in her life she could rely on growing up; Lila Sorenson, Sang's grandmother. But with her unexpected death Sang feels like she has no one and longs to constantly be in the one place she knows she will be accepted. Sure she has Uncle and Erica, both who know her deepest darkest secret, she also know's they care about her but something in Sang still feels lonely. 

Out of the blue she starts meeting the boys and a new part of her longs to always be near them, to tell them her secret but petrified of what the outcome would be. 

She can feel herself falling for not just one, but for all nine Academy Boy's. 

Join Sang and the boys in Miami where summer has just begun, where secrets try to be kept and love blossoms. 

I do not own Sang, the boys, The Academy or the Series and any other character from the series. They all belong to C.L. Stone. 


YES ERICA AND UNCLE! I think Erica deserves to be happy. I'm actually glad Kota lost his because then when he finally gets with Sang at least he'll know what to do.