Aphmau x Garroth

Aphmau x Garroth

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Aphmau's pov

Today I laid in my bed trying to fall back to sleep but I smelt blueberry pancakes and it made my stomach growl, I knew it was time to get up but I was so tired because I didn't sleep too well AGAIN I don't even remember when I last slept through the night.

I yawned and stretched before getting out of bed. I went down stairs and saw Levin and my now human son Malachi. I smiled at the sight of him actually eating breakfast instead of pretending.

"Good morning Lady Aphmau." Zoey handed me a plate of pancakes and syrup. I thanked her and sat at the table and Levin said "Mama Pancakes, pancakes hehe.

I smiled at Levin's hyper self and before I left the house I kissed each Malachi's and Levin's forehead. I walked to the door and opened it and walked forward and 'bam' I hit something hard and fell down to the ground.

Garroth's pov

It was early in the morning I just woke up and I wanted to check on Aphmau I was worried because she hadn't slept well and have been more clumsy...

musionic musionic Jul 26, 2016
Love this!! Would anyone mind checking out my new MCD fanfic? ☺️
ItsKitty7 ItsKitty7 Aug 17, 2016
My name is kitty I am your biggest fan and I watch your videos and my little sister said hi and can I be your biggest Bestfriend like BFF
mischief15 mischief15 Aug 10, 2016
Shortest thing I was wandering if there ever going to make a ship for ten years in a row
_A_Thomas_ _A_Thomas_ Aug 13, 2016
I totally ship garroth and aphmau. Oh my freaking god Laurence do you really have to ruin all of garroth's chances with aphmau!!
Gracie_930 Gracie_930 Oct 15, 2016
You said the sentence wrong Before Garroth could finish BITCH CAME RUNNIN UP
thatonedounut123 thatonedounut123 Jul 21, 2016
Loved it and I like the scenery it took place in levin and Maliki will have a father