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The Angelic Devil

The Angelic Devil

1.3K Reads 40 Votes 13 Part Story
Duchess Kalk By TheAwesomeKalk Completed

Angel was born in the darkness, she was raised by it, and now she was working for it. 
She has finally gone out to the real world where there is always darkness hiding behind every corner. Anyone from people who talk shit behind other people's backs to serial killers can be chosen, and it's Angel's job to kill them all. And she enjoys it. Even though she finds it quite boring, because she wants more. More people to murder, more victims.
But she has now gotten the impossible task to kill the one creature that no one has ever succeeded in eliminating. Can she do it? And will Damien, who's the new boy in town, somehow be useful for her in her fight against The Phoenix?

*I unpublished it and will now start publishing chapters once they've been edited! It'll probably be more frequent than once a week*

  • angel
  • ball
  • blonde
  • blood
  • damien
  • dead
  • death
  • demon
  • devil
  • dress
  • evil
  • eyes
  • fallen
  • kill
  • killer
  • love
  • murder
  • murderer
  • school
  • teen