Teach Me Mr. Wentz | >> Peterick AU <<

Teach Me Mr. Wentz | >> Peterick AU <<

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Abbey and Grace By Phan_Peterick Updated Oct 22, 2016

When a new teacher enters Patrick's school, the same school he gets beat up at and bullied at ever single day, he knows he's different than the rest of his teachers. This teacher is unique, funny, musical, cute, and all around amazing. Yet, soon he finds himself falling in love.

Updates on Weekends

A/N: Sorry for spelling errors, I usually don't go through and edit my story for hours, but I think it's good writing, maybe? I hope so, I like to think so. I do edit sometimes though, when I have the patience to. Okay, bye no. ;)

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I swear in like every fan fiction I read, the band member is an English teacher. It's weird.
My math teacher is my English teacher, history, science. Man homeschooling is great😂😂
If I had gay principals maybe the school would do something about me being called a faggot
a-human-trashcan a-human-trashcan Jun 02, 2017
                              yeah it's just me crafting in the corner with a bunch of squareflakes and potato prints