With Love, Ryan ✒ Ryden

With Love, Ryan ✒ Ryden

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I'm older than you By 20_dollar_nosebleed Completed

The cold kind of bothered Ryan, but it certainly didn't bother the teenager who decided to wear shorts, of all things, in December of all months. Writer's block bothered Ryan, but the teenager surrounded himself with people; one more wouldn't hurt. Everything bothered Ryan but nothing bothered Brendon, and maybe that's why he was such a good muse.


Okay so I'm incredibly honored that Charr (mumoslaxima) allowed me to continue this fic for her. The first eleven chapters are all her original work, but after that, it's all mine. Thanks to everyone who reads.

Cover by @SeraphStarshine

Ryan never gave a damn about Tuesdays and Tuesdays never gave a damn about him
Same but I'm 13 so it doesn't mater right now until I get older and forced to support myself and I'll probably end up living with my mom forever working in some McDonald's and each night I'll come home with the same word imprinted in my head "would you like to supersize your meal?"
cuteurie cuteurie Nov 29, 2016
only brendon would wear god damn shorts in the winter. yet my boi wears pants in the summer smh
I know a girl who wears dresses in winter
                              We live near a lake