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Diabolik lovers: the farm wolf

Diabolik lovers: the farm wolf

31.5K Reads 1.2K Votes 13 Part Story
Nanami By Nanami-sakamaki Updated Nov 14, 2016

All of the sakamaki and mukami brothers are sent to live in the country for four months. There they have to work and do chores. Shusuke is a seventeen year old girl who lives on the farm with her parents. When her parents go to visit a relative far away for four months they leave her to deal with the brothers. What will happen when they find out her secret? Will shusuke be freed from her past? Let's find out!

shiplikecrazy shiplikecrazy Sep 29, 2016
No it's Doland trump in a rainbow bikini riding on a sparkly unicorn
Beatsdug0138 Beatsdug0138 Dec 28, 2016
i hate rich people they think they all that they think they don't have to do work once in a while
noixex noixex Jun 28, 2016
I read the description and immediately thought of "little photographer"
cristalania cristalania Aug 05, 2016
So you're telling me that you left your phone with some vampires you crazy!!!!
Inlovewiththefox Inlovewiththefox Jun 10, 2016
This story is somewhat the same with the story, "Little Photographer". Oh well, it is still good ^-^
BrokenBlackDiamonds BrokenBlackDiamonds Nov 25, 2016
Spoiled rich brats. They should be thankful for what they have. Hmph 
                              Still good though