Never Look Up (Frerard Dld sequel)

Never Look Up (Frerard Dld sequel)

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Kayla By xxfallout_mcrxx Updated Apr 15, 2017

Sequel to 'Don't look down' 
Please read the first book if you haven't already!

We were all effected by what happened that night. Whether it's the burden of stress it left on your shoulders or the guilt that wears your soul, the impact is there; eating away at your insides while you sit there in excruciating frustration. Completely in the dark about if you're ever going to hear his voice again, his laugh, see his smile. 

How I feel is overwhelming in the most depressing way. I'd like to think that Gerard and Mikey have it worse; constantly arguing with themselves about whether it's their fault or not. They blame themselves, as always. I'm starting to wonder if this whole thing is going to drive us mad.

I honestly think that what petrifies me the most is not knowing. It kills me inside. We can't afford to lose our friend. In a way, we've already lost ourselves.

I can't handle losing anyone else...


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JishyTheSwishyFishy JishyTheSwishyFishy Aug 24, 2016
I love winter. I love Fall and Winter. Fall because it's beautiful and the perfect kind of cold. Winter because I'm a hockey player who loves freezing temperatures and the look of snow quietly and peacefully falling.
xXxSavvyxXx xXxSavvyxXx Oct 05, 2016
I'm just reading this while listening to Early Sunsets Over Monroeville 😂
gottta-blast gottta-blast Oct 15, 2016
Fall and winter is just perfect. I love  the  coldness and and the holidays.
ArcticRosePup ArcticRosePup Sep 11, 2016
I like fall and winter. I like the colors of the fall and the chill in the air, but I love snow
MyHistoricalBreakup MyHistoricalBreakup Dec 13, 2015
Can I reference this book to all the therapists, psychiatrists, and counselors that I know?
Racc00n798 Racc00n798 Oct 01, 2015
How?!? How is this so good? Your first chapter= mcr getting back together
                              Mean while my first chapter (compared to yours) = mcr breaking up