Behind the Flames .:H2OVanoss Avatar TLA:.

Behind the Flames .:H2OVanoss Avatar TLA:.

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Sky'z Dreamland By oOSkyzTheLimitOo Updated Apr 05

The days of harmony have come to an end. With Avatar Roku gone and the discovery of a new element, Lightning Generation, the Fire Nation effortlessly overthrows the Island of Unity, banishing the benders to their home nations of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, then asserting war against the mighty Earth Kingdom.
      Jonathan, Evan, and their friends were living a normal of life in peace when the Fire Nation attacked. With a traumatizing experience drilled into his mind and a hideous scar burned across his face, Jonathan is forced to return to the Southern Water Tribe with his fellow water benders. 
      As time passes, friends old and new begin to emerge from the darkness, but when a certain fire bender makes his appearance as the enemy, Jonathan vows to restore his best friend's original self and place the world back on track. 

      But he won't be able to do it alone.


Avatar TLA and BBS/YouTuber crossover H2OVanoss fanfic!
The story is written so people who have or have not seen Avatar TLA/LOK may understand it without too many spoilers about the show :) 

Action-packed with Adventure, Romance ((mostly gay lez be honest)) , Gore, Terror, a surplus of Feels, and more!

WARNING: mature language, violence, gore, death, and shippings that will probably send you into the emergency room for fangasming too hard. 
((Eh nothing u guys aren't used too))

Also including ships of MiniCat, Terrornuckel, DaithiDeLui/SilentCalibre, Ohmtoonz, PewdieCry, and more!

Cover so graciously drawn by ImagineSilver on Deviantart!

This story is normally updated within two weeks to a month. Long chapters are hard. X'D 

IF U HAVENT WATCHED AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER (if u want, watch Legend of Korra too but not as important) I RECOMMEND WATCHING. I also understand that the show is not filled with gore b

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I really hope Jonathan is the next avatar (but I know he not sadly)
Dude I love this show, and I love H20Vanoss so basically I'm gonna LOVE THIS FANFIC!!! 💙💙💙💙
LuckySimdilShipper LuckySimdilShipper Apr 05, 2016
Ooh, that sounds fun. Let me do it *Slams Head on railing* Not fun... xD
anglewazhere anglewazhere Dec 15, 2015
So beautiful!!! 
                              I love this story! 
                              You put so much feel to it I'm just so in love
AlphaLuna1 AlphaLuna1 Oct 28, 2015
Oh my god.... You have such good descriptive detail..... I'm your new friend.... Deal with it...
AlphaLuna1 AlphaLuna1 Oct 28, 2015
When explaining the Island, don't put do many commas okay? Split up the sentences and give each detail a little more pizzazz :)