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♤ ı An Everlasting Death [1] The Vampire Diaries

♤ ı An Everlasting Death [1] The Vampire Diaries

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· tay · By taytaylorabc Completed

' Why are you single?' He asks. 

' Well,' I begin, ' I'm annoying, I'm Damon Salvatore's sister, and I've been in a tomb for the last 145 years.' I say. 

' Did I mention I'm Damon's sister?' 



Ranked 780 in Fanfiction
Fanfic of the Week 06/16/16 

" One of the best Salvatore siblings stories that I've read. It kept me on my toes, and the story line connected as if this actually happened in the show." - @theothxrsxde 

" I actually don't really like the Salvatore Sibling thing, but I have to admit your story is pretty good. I am actually hooked. " - @lilsolarhalo 

NOTE: I do not own any of the characters or story line that originates with the show. I have only added in my own characters for my enjoyment and others. If there are any similarities, it has to have come from the show. All credit goes to the CW.

Yassssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EFFY!!!!! Doducebwosudg hela
snow_product snow_product 5 days ago
Why you gotta snap her neck for you already stabbed her jeez.....over kill much?
angelgonz99 angelgonz99 Feb 26
The quote at the beginning was gold. Blair is such a pretty name, and your writing is really good. I love the comments section already which is always a good sign. This is gonna be epic.
I like her because she made me laugh and she was a badàss but I hate her for what she did to Stefan and Damon. I hate Elena too. Personal opinion
Truee but i still love her so much i love her even more because she is such a b*tch
SOMEONE REFILL MY POPCORN!!! HIT ME WIT UR BEST SHOT!!! Omg if it's Klaus or Elijah tho. Maaaaateeeee.