The Perfect Daughter

The Perfect Daughter

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m~a~e~g~a~n By Xxstars_moonxX Completed


When  Summer is kidnapped by a married couple who are determined to have perfect daughters,and a perfect family, there's just a sick twist to the whole thing. If one of their kidnapped daughters slips up,they murder them,locking them away,keeping them in the basement.

  When the couple kidnaps two other girls,Paisley and Nicole,Summer is determined to get everybody out alive.

  Though Summer slips up all of the time,they refuse to murder her for some odd reason. Nicole stops believing that they'll escape,but Summer won't give up. Especially when she's always down in the horrible basement.

  The question keeps flying around Summer's head. Will I be able to help everyone escape?

Magic-dome Magic-dome Jun 04
Bruh if he threw you to the other side of the van why the hell didn't you open or unlock the other door and run again
@TheSinningFangirl I've seen your comments on previous stories(family comes first and truth comes second) and I just wanted to say I  ❤ both your username and your pfp!
When you see a rapsist van u run! What have ur parents taught u!? *sigh* my god
Me: unless I've seen the funeral for them I'm not gonna believe you motherfuckers
lulumtshali lulumtshali Oct 24
So it would be okay if your friends suffered the same fate as you 😒😒
I would pretend to be nice and then when it's time for you to go to college run away and tell police