The Perfect Daughter

The Perfect Daughter

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When  Summer is kidnapped by a married couple who are determined to have perfect daughters,and a perfect family, there's just a sick twist to the entire thing. Slip up one time? It's death for you. Say the wrong thing? It's basement time for you, and you'll be lucky if you even survive. The others didn't.

  When the couple kidnaps two other girls,Paisley and Nicole,Summer is determined to get everybody out alive. Even with the costs. Making promises? Can she really keep them?

  Though Summer slips up all of the time,they refuse to murder her for some odd reason. Nicole stops believing that they'll escape,but Summer won't give up. She's got her mind set on helping everyone escape unhurt. 

  The same question keeps flying around Summer's head. Will I be able to help everyone escape?

-cover made by @achillies-

Its your fate, not their's and It was kinda rude saying that...
                              IMA SNITCH ON YOU😂
Why is it always the girls called summer who get kidnapped ?
Realised I hadn't actually read this book so I thought I'd better hahaha
Well thanks for telling me. Oh, let me guess…you murdered them, don't you?
Similarly. There pretty much the same all she did Was change Clover into a couple and the daughter part is the same and is the main character
lulumtshali lulumtshali Oct 24, 2016
So it would be okay if your friends suffered the same fate as you 😒😒