Naga!Vincent x Reader (VORE)

Naga!Vincent x Reader (VORE)

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NagaVincentVore By NagaVincentVore Updated Mar 15, 2016

Your breath begins to run short as you dash through the dark woods. You hadn't done this much running in... ever. You weren't allowed to. 

When you say this, you mean your father had kept you in captivity for all your life. Or most that you remember. You hadn't ever seen your Mother around, if you had one, though when you were little you have distant memories. After she left him for his overprotective and possessive tendencies, taking you with her, you vaguely remember him taking you back and she wasn't able to find you since. But you can't really remember all that clearly.

  You weren't allowed to go outside, you weren't allowed to do anything. You had heard lots about the outside world, but you never were allowed to visit it. You never met any other children, 14, like you, you never met anyone other than your Father. You didn't know the feeling of friendship, you just watched TV all day and read books. You'd learned to read, thankfully, before your Mother left you. Leaving you with...

Frighten_Cin Frighten_Cin May 20, 2016
I've been debating on wether or not having NAGA Vincent able to purr.. But it seems so legit, Imma do et.
                              Why not?
                              The V bros are all cats apparently