Im August Alsinas Daughter

Im August Alsinas Daughter

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"Now don't let me tell you to clean this kitchen again or your out of here" my Foster dad threatened. 

I came down from my room and went into the kitchen and rolled up my sleeves.

"Your late!" He yelled in my ear almost bursting my eardrums.

I turned on the water and poured in the soap to start the dishes. 

I suddenly felt a hard sting on my rear end which caused me to scream in pain.

"Did that hurt?" He said softly in my ear.

I nodded slowly as a tear rolled down my face and i turned off the water.


"Hello royal, hey baby" my Foster mom said coming in the door.

I wanted to tell her what just happened but he shushed me and put his hands around his neck to show imagery of him choking me.

I got quiet and continued washing the dishes.

"Hey baby" he said hugging her and kissing her forehead.

"Royal you okay?" She asked concerned.

I tried to fight back the tears as I nodded my head yes.

I dried the dishes and put them up and wi...

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Miraclepoo21 Miraclepoo21 Nov 20, 2017
I would have told him to get away from me before he make my ears burn
ShaylovedollParker ShaylovedollParker Jul 04, 2017
I would have streamed and pick some up till i seen black and blue
miyahpetr miyahpetr Feb 10, 2017
I would say if you dont get you stank ass breath out my damn ear i know something
TodjaButler TodjaButler Mar 01, 2016
So now he's gonna rape her this is a sad beginning😱😨😨😰
Tongue_Game_Crazi Tongue_Game_Crazi Sep 26, 2015
Damn That's Sad Af I Hope She Find Some Where Safe To Live Btw Love It