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What does the word suggest? 
Well you're guessing right! 

Two Rich, devilishly handsome and young guys. 

A rivalry that's been passed down to generation. 

They took it with them to college. 
Lots of Drama, Fights, Plannings, Bitches, Parties. 

In short everything except studies. 

What will happen when a girl will be trapped between these two? 

Find out as you read my third book.


Highest Ranking: #1 in Teen Fiction {10.07.2016}

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  • college
  • drama
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  • hate
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  • revenge
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CueCalmCatastrophe CueCalmCatastrophe Apr 08, 2016
When I saw the title for this book, the first thing that came to mind was: Bratz baaaaaaabieees~! And I sang it really loud and then I reflected on what I'm doing with my life.
- - Nov 05, 2016
well lets see what happens.....i just wanted to add one more thing that i am also a anime lover......hehehe....
scarrler12 scarrler12 Jan 18, 2016
Ur Amazing. .seriously an amazing writer ..I've installed wordpadd in my both mobiles installed this book too ..I get so buzy reading it I never comment n like (sory for that ) ..Luv ur work ..lastly I just  want to tell u not to use that "f__" word please ..😆
VasiaVipPhoenix VasiaVipPhoenix Oct 21, 2015
I know what she means. I am studying Spanish as well and most of the times stay up until 3 o'clock. 
                              Ps= Spanish is not as easy as they seem. ;-)
Enticing_Romantic Enticing_Romantic Sep 25, 2015
Awesome... Already in love with this book.....update soon...
sona1094 sona1094 Sep 23, 2015
Offcourse u should continue the too liking adrien's its emma watson playing the girl role yeah??