Tip of the Tongue [Book #1 - BoyxBoy]

Tip of the Tongue [Book #1 - BoyxBoy]

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Diane Bennett By ijakegirl Updated May 17

[The Crystal Mountain Saga] In the country Queen, a town by the name of Diana is divided by a war that happened two centuries before. Humans remain the holders of power and vampires are dubbed the lesser of beings. Though laws have been placed to stop the hunting of vampires, the Hunter Society hasn't officially dissolved. 

Ren Cornelli is a half-vampire, half-human genetic mutt: a halfy. A disgrace to either race, he's an outcast and has learned to keep out of the eyes of the public. But when a member of the Hunter Society is killed and he's forcefully bound to a descendent of one of the most hated vampires, he's thrown into the middle of the struggle for equality.

[Also known as "Bite"]

Its like that Black History Month lecture, where they start talkinh about slaves and lynching and everyone looks at u cause u the only black person in thr class 😒 im just guessing that this is how hes feeling cause if it is i CAN RELATE!!! XS
It's like when N you are the only Muslim in a Christian school and they start to talk about Muslims. I CAN RELATE. 
                              btw I went to a christian school because it was a privet school and the public one didn't teach anything
Dhoustonwrites Dhoustonwrites Apr 05, 2016
Oh I'm so happy I found this book! Thank you a million for writing this!
fuicodivita fuicodivita Aug 05, 2016
Do you that bite means dïck in french? I laught so hard that I decides to read your book (: