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Zodiac Short Stories

Zodiac Short Stories

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HMDgamer06 By HMDgamer06 Updated Jan 22

(M) Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn
(F) Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces

Scorpio: What's wrong you big baby!
Libra: Scorpio! You called the pizza man! What's wrong with you!?
Scorpio: *grabs a pizza bite* What? It's not that bad.
Taurus: PIZZA!! *runs to the pizza like there's no tomorrow*
Scorpio: Your right it is bad. 
Libra: Actually your right it's not that bad. At least we now know that we won't be having pizza!
Scorpio: Blah! What's that smell!?
Libra: Ooh! It's my sushi!
Pisces: *walks down the stairs crying*
Cancer: *runs down* What's wrong Pisces?
Pisces: I can smell the fish suffering! *continues crying*
Libra: Oops!
*door bell rings*
Libra: It must be the cake delivery guy that's just so hot! *opens door*
Leo: Hey where here for the party.
Libra: Sorry, girls only!
Leo: Hey, how about we put wigs on and say where girls.
Virgo: Yeah, and we get makeup and have a pillow fight. Sure, sure!
Leo: Really...

I would have invited everyone it's not fair if only the girls get to go and I would have ordered pizza if they wanted pizza...
GREY-14 GREY-14 Aug 02, 2016
Why the hell are people getting woked up about the genders? Let's pretend we are none of these characters.  Forget what your sign is and pretend that these are just people. PLEASE.
AphmauFan66Garrdenza AphmauFan66Garrdenza Nov 06, 2016
Im a libra and my crush is Aquarius and he did actually eat almost all the cake on my birthday..
dragon_lover_ dragon_lover_ Jul 18, 2016
I mean, I'm actually actually a girl Leo, but u know what? Imma pretend u mean Loki/Leo the Lion!