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SebaCiel_Forever By SebaCiel_Forever Updated Feb 08, 2016

Sebastian Michaelis; a demon and a doctor for a mental asylum. On his first day he finds a patient that is beautiful and so very disturbed. He has grown rather fond of his patient so very much. 

Is it love? 

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Remember the scene where the undertaker showed his face? It's forever embedded in my memory.
The only story were the undertaker is not technically mental.
_CleanFreak_ _CleanFreak_ Nov 11, 2016
Lmao everyone at my school thinks I'm a psychopath even the teachers and legit, one of my friends walked up to me and said "Hey! Um, I think u need help. How about I drive u to the mental asylum?" And I kicked him in his dîck
HeyyKittyKat HeyyKittyKat Nov 27, 2016
Where's Grell? I think we all need some Grell in our lives, right?
im_Lucifer_ im_Lucifer_ Sep 15, 2016
Well technically it would be Dr. Crievan (Or something like that) I think. But that works too
-TheLastGayTimelord- -TheLastGayTimelord- Dec 01, 2016
Schizophrenia, ptsd, anxiety, and Haphephobia.  Didn't even meet him yet and I know everything he has except he might not have anxiety