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Ciel x Reader Lemon

Ciel x Reader Lemon

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✨ Rylie ✨ By Pinkieluv Updated Oct 06, 2015

     "Hiring you huh?" Ciel said. You had been working undercover for at last 2 years now. You spied on the public. You had been sent from the queen to work with Ciel Phantomhive. Ciel and the queen were working on the same case. The England Massacre. Hundreds of people killed in Western England, and you are there to find out who the killer, and/or Killer(s) are. "(y/n) (y/l/n). Thirteen year old undercover agent. You have been in the high ranks for 2 years, and now you are here to work for me." You nodded in agreement as Ciel read over your resume. Ciel glanced up at Sebastian who nodded once, giving you a terrifying look. Ciel looked back at you, looking you down from head to toe. "You're hired. First order of business, is that you will be posing as my new maid. Sebastian, get her a maid outfit." Sebastian bowed and smirked "Yes, my lord." Once Sebastian left, you were left with the earl. You were anxious, being left alone with a boy your age..and not to mention..quite attractive. Yo...

*blink* punished? Puni? (I speak a little French so..) now all I can think about is this once fanfiction I read where a guy literally said "vous sale fille... vous devez être puni" which means "you dirty must be punished"
Giffymac44 Giffymac44 Mar 22
Excuse me?! If you try to 'punish' me in anyway I will throw all of Sebastian's cats at you. TATAKAI WATASHI FAMU!!!!! (Which means FIGHT ME FAM!!!!!)
My first time reading a ciel lemon bc I don't really think of him as the pervy type I think he's super cute tho..😯♥♥♥💓
LilithAkemi LilithAkemi Apr 26
"Well? Are you going to reply?" I blushed and blurted out, "Your beautiful too!"
                              Ymir and sasha : NOPE READ IT
                              Only one who still uses that meme. 😩🔥