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• Our club is designed specifically to cater to the millions of authors here on Wattpad!

•We are unlike any other book club, because here the power is in YOUR hands!

•Here we have custom options to help your story gain REAL feedback, meet new writers, discover diverse stories, play games and interact as a group and not your typical 'Club Slaves'
I work completely around your schedule and your desired feedback!

There is NO declining your book because of it's genre or rate. We accept EVERYONE! | Including Filipino Authors |

Title: How to Win at Dungeons & Dragons
                              Genre: Humor
                              3 Chapters
                              Outline Comments
                              Title: The Girl With the Bad Dreams
                              Genre: Horror
                              3 Chapters
                              Outline Comments
THANK YOU! That is so very helpful. Although I am very confuzzled by all the rules
Title:Double Trouble fate
                              Genre: vampire
                              Comments:either is perfect with me
But that's not especially fair. I mean, I get what you mean about fanfiction, but some people get really uncomfortable about LGBTQ+ because of their religion and such. I don't think you should force people to read that if it makes them uncomfortable.
Title: Drunk Text Romance
                              Genre: Short Story
                              4 Chapters
                              Inline Comments
Pfunzo18 Pfunzo18 Aug 20
Title: Phone calls to my exes
                              Genre: Chicklit 
                              Chapters: 2
                              Comments: inline