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Title: Countdown
                              Genre: Mystery, sorta
                              Chapters: I've got an intro and first chapter, is that cool?
                              Outline Please!
KMSterling KMSterling 5 days ago
Title: Inferno
                              Genre: Fantasy
                              Chapters: I have 2 so far, but I've already written up to 4... just not edited
                              Comments: Outline
                              Thank you!!!
THANK YOU! That is so very helpful. Although I am very confuzzled by all the rules
KMSterling KMSterling 3 days ago
Hello!! So, I already entered one book, but decided to enter another one, is that fine?
                              Title: R.E.V.E.R.S.I.
                              Genre: Fanfiction
                              Chapters: 3
                              Outline Comments!
                              Thanks again!
MrBluestone MrBluestone 3 days ago
Title: Jack Ferris and the Wand of
                              Genre: Fantasy
                              Chapters: In that book I only have one chapter, I just need some first feedback and I can read 3 chapters.
But that's not especially fair. I mean, I get what you mean about fanfiction, but some people get really uncomfortable about LGBTQ+ because of their religion and such. I don't think you should force people to read that if it makes them uncomfortable.